Various screenshots about the progress of ixbar3000. Version 0.31 is current all other are historic and may not represent the state of the program any more.

ixbar3000 V0.31

– PC-98 integrated to ixbar3000.

ixbar3000 V0.26

 ixb026_logobrowser – Logobrowser displays the corporate logos.
ixb026_opt – Multiplayer Options

– All Imagepaks are installed :)

ixb026_manual – Software manual.
ixb026_top – The optional toppanel displays developers logo.

ixbar3000 V0.24

ixbarMultiplayerLobby – ixbar3000’s Multiplayer lobby. You can chat, start and join multiplayer games.

– Username ect. are changed from the Options.

ixbar3000 canvas – Canvas allows pixel perfect control of elements, alpha-channels and N-layers. Though it does raise memory usage by 2 MiB it’s easily offset by the superior control.

ixbar3000 V0.19

ixbar019-04 – Moving away from the ‘custom lists’, Windows programs can now be setup via this handy new tool. Edit->New->set Name & location of exe -> Save. and ixbar3000 will then display the new item in the romlist.
ixbar019-03 – The Romlist can now be sorted, by time, count, year or rating. The Romlist now has nice unicode stars. The character used can be configured.
ixbar019-02 – ixbar3000 can show even these unreleased systems. Of course, since there is no games, there’s no images and it is pretty much useless.
ixbar019-01 – Database page shows the approximate support. It also displays the country of origin and other data.

ixbar3000 V0.18

BR-sGxPCEAAWUy1.jpg_large Themes, uuh. Slightly buggy as all of the widgets haven’t  been mapped yet.

ixbar3000 V0.16

ix-corp – Statistics panel has Corporate data!
– Displays image (if available) and data (lists items if datasheet is not present)
ib3k_016_lib – Library view is now integrated with the old stats view. Meaning that, now ‘time played’, ‘no. of starts’ and ‘rating’ are displayed with the name. This new system allows ixbar3000 to have more columns, like ‘year’.
– There’s also more graphics in the systemslist as icons are displayed when available.
– Some features, like search, and the ability to change romlist display are disabled as they are not compatible with the new code.
ib3k_016_stat The entered metadata is parsed and queried. Publishers and Developers get their own treeview, sorted by popularity. Years are also parsed and ixbar3000 generates this nice graph, when the games were released.
ib3k_016_edit – The metadata editor looks like this.
ib3k_016_award – And finally a NEW award editor! No longer users are expected to edit cryptic text-files, ixbar3000 does the syntax while the user needs only input the awards! These can be then distributed with other users.

ixbar3000 V0.15

Marquee alpha – New marquee mode for romlist. For people who prefer more visual look.
ixb_editgui.png – Database-tab. Configuring systems.

v0.15 YouTube video

ixbar3000 V0.14

ixb_Awa.png – Awards. Think of them as PSN Trophies and/or Microsoft Achievements. But for every game ever.Track your high-scores and best laptimes!
ixb_sys.png – Basic look of a system, SNES in this case.

v0.14 YouTube video

ixbar3000 V0.10

ixbar010-pc – Launching windows and dos programs is now possible.
ixbar0106-rate – Yes, Your bra matches your hair well.

 ixbar3000 V0.08

ixbar008-atari – Widget placement is now more logical.

ixbar3000 V0.07

Clipboard01 – 3-column displaymode.
ixbar007-snes – Changing system changes romlist.
Clipboard01c – Image support.

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