Basic setup


  • Download and Install ActiveTCL for your system (Linux, Windows)
  • Windows users can now double-click on any .tcl-file to start it in ActiveTCL.
  • Linux users need to modify the included .sh-file, so it points into the correct directory.
  • MacOS is reported working too.

1. Prerequisite (ActiveTCL)

Before you can run this tcl/tk software, you’ll need ActiveStates’ ActiveTCL (version 8.5 or better), get it from: After installing ActiveTCL you can also make your own tcl/tk programs easily! and run ixbar3000 of course.

1.1 Linux Install

Extract the tar.gz
Open Terminal and go to the directory you just created (by extract) and type.
$ ./
! If you get an error ‘cannot open’, type the following:
$ sudo apt-get install libxss1
That will install the missing component. Then type again:
$ ./
Now you should get the install window open.
I suggest to install it under your user ie: ‘~/activetcl85’ , I’m not sure if all performs well if you install it into /opt as the installer suggests. If you wish to experiment you’ll probably need sudo the install command.

1.2 Windows Install

Install the program with admin rights! This is necessary as it also sets some system paths, enables teacup and such.


2. Configure ixbar3000

Get the software from sourceforge.

  • Download ixbar3000 and extract it.

You should now have a functional ixbar3000 setup.


3. Setup graphics [optional, enables frontend title/gameplay graphics]

For graphics ixbar3000 uses modified nointroreloaded graphics packs (which are originally from no-intro graphics project.). MAME-pack (based on progretto snaps) holds images for MAME. EXODOS-pack contains images for DOS. NIR is the No-Intro Reloaded which contains packages for the rest. Amiga and C64 packs are extracted from the gamebase project with permission. Neokobe and the others are directly contributed to the ixbar3000 project.

Download the packages you need, extract them into ./IMG/systems/. Once done, you should have nice graphics for the romlist entries.

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