Tekken Revolutions & Dead or Alive Ultimate

About a month ago Tekken Revolution was released exclusively at PSN. The game uses the F2P model so it’s generally free, but uses micro-transactions for something. In TR’s case money is used to buy ‘coins’. These coins are then used to play matches. You have coins (2 for Arcade-mode and 5 for Online-mode) and they regenerate so at the moment there’s no need to use real money to access any features. I think that this is a very good way to introduce Tekken to new players as it requires no investment, but we’ll see if they decide to add some DLC-junk.

After DoA5 came DoA5+ for the PSP and then they announced DoA5U for PS3 and XB360. DoA5U comes in two variants one is F2P called “Core Fighters” and the actual retail game is just DoA5U (which comes in 5 variants: normal, collectors edition, CE-kasumi, CE-Momiji and CE-kasumi+momiji [24,990 円]!! [1]). Continue reading Tekken Revolutions & Dead or Alive Ultimate

Dead or Alive 5+

Ayane in purple bikiniI’m not the gamer I used to be, but there are few… well, two series that I tend to follow, these are Unreal and Dead or Alive. IMHO UT3 was a failure as it was not a proper sequel, but only recycled material from Gears of War and I’m not alone with that opinion. However this post is about DoA so I rant about the decline of Unreal later.

So I bought DoA5 for the PS3 as I wanted a good game that would provide short sessions while I’m taking breaks from my daily thesis routine. I should probably write a review since I’m one of the very few people who is not a fan because of the “OMGZ boobz” -factor, but because of the actual gameplay and theme (DoA2 music FTW!).

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