Updated My Journal (2019W43-45)

Ah yes. It’s been three weeks since that last update. I’ve been a bit sick so that drains some energy.


I finally had time to continue with the fullstack course. Chapter 1 was about react and I got everything, but the last two exercises done. On ixbar3000GT the json-db is done, well not done, but atleast I can start developing something.


Inktober Done! 31/31 images done. It started really fun, but at the end it was a drag. I don’t know if I learned anything or not, but next one I’ll probably pass.


I made a plan. It’s tough. Basically less art more tech. I’ll have only one project that’d be ixbar3000GT. Painting will be minimized to mikeymegamega’s tutorials and no midi stuff, although I got a really cool idea. On the tech side I’ll boost my docker and robotframework knowledge. Then there’s the JLPT that I need to take seriously. Yup. That’s enough for few months.

I also did my annual military fitness test and boy did I fail. pro-tip; snow has no friction. Can’t win them all.


Fullstack Course██▒░░░░░░
Gym Routine (4dMax)████████

Updated My Journal (2019W38-39)


Finished the django tutorial, but in the end I chose not to go with that. I think it’s a bit too bloated for the simple tracker I was thinking. Now I’m looking for alternatives and flask seems to be what I want. No progress on the fullstack course.

ixbar3000GT the db system is still being developed.


Inktober started! So far I’m on the track with 6/6 images done. I’ve set artificial limitations of max 30-60min / image. So that the 31 images wont waste my entire month. I see this as training anyway.


My gym Routine is tough one and that’s not all. I bought some extra gear a Polar Ignite (fitness watch) and Asics GT-2000 7 (running shoes). To make myself motivated on improving my endurance.


Fullstack Course█░░░░░░░░
Django Tutorial███████
Gym Routine (4dMax)███▒░░░░