Updated My Journal (2020W41-42)

Finally I have something to report. Very niche in it’s impact, but personally I’m very satisfied now.

Project: UTStats recovery

Installed Ubuntu 14.04 to a vm so that I have php5. Imported the databases to check if my stats were accessible and they are!

Now this is in vm, I had some issues during init and I didn’t verify whether it actually parses the logs, but seeing this after so many years makes me happy!
Next phase is to update 3.06 to 3.09. The newer version is by a different developer, but should wotk with php7 and has some additional improvements too. Install guide does say that “If you are upgrading from UTStatsDB 3.06, a new installation is highly recommended, rather than attempting an update. If you do perform an update, rather than a new install, certain special event data like player headshot counts may not be transferred to the new database structures.”. So how to go on with this? Maybe I should install 3.09 to a new vm and see what’s different in the database structure. And write a simple export/import sql query. Maybe it could be on gitlab. Maybe I should fork this to gitlab (I have plans).


While installing Ubuntu on vm I also installed Terry Davis’ Temple OS (vm), quite the experience. It’s only 16M, so it can remain on my system, but I don’t know what do do with it.
I might get a new synthesizer. I’ve been wanting one of those for a long time. It costs a lot so I have to sell some stuff before I can justify the purchase.