Updated My Journal (2021 Review)


Ancient Relics and Backups were done. DevOpsCluster remains in-progress state. This is a bit tricky for I’m dependent on external help on the power-cables and I’m not paying salary, so it’s prioritized accordingly.

On the software-side thing are a mixed bag. I was able to install community-wiki and change my audioplayer. These are good, but no work on ixbar3000?! The server is running 32-bit HW and ubuntu is dropping support “soon”, so I might need to migrate it somewhere sometime “soon”.

I was quite active with godot, unfortunately that ‘pajatso’ release didn’t happen as my artist collaborator got too busy at work. I started a new project to test a SMAC type game (since my CD is broken). I’m running into some problems with it’s performance on bigger maps; It will continue.


★☆☆🟨 [DevOpsCluster] Still missing the custom power cables.
★☆☆🟩 [Ancient Relics] Done! [Q4]
★★☆🟩 [Backups] Done! [Q4]


★☆☆🟥 [SMAX] Ripping CD resulted in broken image. SMAX CD seems to be damaged.
★☆☆🟨 [UTStatsDB] Old stats are functional in vm.
🟩 [Wiki] Done! [Q1]
☆🟩 [GMP] Done! [Q2] gmp is the current choice for linux music player.


★★☆🟥 [ixbar3000] No progress. (TGT: MacOS Support, use gitlab)
★★★🟩 [Godot] Minimum: 5 demos. (2d-anim, 3d-techdemo, suomiprojekti, arcade, planeetta)
★★☆🟥 [Godot] Optimal: (TGT: Take the best demo and finish it). This will be the arcade-demo: Pajatso.


On my fitness goals I reached the minimum target. That’s nice, far from optimal though. but JLPT-training was skipped completely!

★★★🟩 [Fit] Got rid of some fat, still far from the cooper distance.
★★★🟩 [Fit] Minimum: 97kg, Sub 20% fat w/ 2300 cooper.
★★★🟥 [Fit] Optimal: 93kg, Sub 15% fat w/ 2600 cooper.

★★☆🟥 [JLPT] No progress.


Did total of 7 pieces of art and dozen demo tracks. Output wise this is good result.

★★☆🟩 [Painting] Minimum 1. Done. [Q1]
★☆☆🟩 [Painting] Optimal 6. Done. [Q3]

★★☆🟩 [Music] Minimum 1. Made few demo tracks. Nothing to boast about.
★☆☆🟩 [Music] EP worth of tracks.


Massive… :D
2020: 59 Watchers, 27.5K Page Views, 257 Deviations
2021: 67 Watchers, 30.6K Page Views, 264 Deviations

2020: 20 Followers
2021: 23 Followers

2021: 55 Followers, 13 Tracks

ixbar3000 v0.24 released!

This update brings two very awesome features. First is called canvas. It’s tk’s powerhouse of displaying 2d. In practice this means that I can finally start to deprecate the old textbox-hack once done two known bugs will be gone too. The second one is nothing less than multiplayer! Yup, it’s here and it’s crossplatform. You’ll need mednafen as your emulator.

Get it : DOWNLOAD | screenshots | Tweet me!

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ixbar3000 v0.22 released!

Another release! True universal parser, few new loaders and support for FM-Towns.

New Loaders:

CUE: a cue loader (Yabause) (0.21.1)
GDI: a gdi loader (nullDC) (0.21.2)
NeoKobe: FM-Towns (0.21.2)

Support for pictures and info about developers (0.21.5)

Statistics view can now display data about the developers (the actual persons), like images, notable games, birth date, etc. Check Maxis->Will Wright and Nintendo->Koji Kondo to see what it’s about.

Support for external image mounter for windows (0.21.6)

DaemonToolsLite is used to mount images, if needed. Set the path from ./SYS/_config.tcl and edit the corresponding line. Obviously this works only in Windows; Linux users won’t be mounting images. This is not much of an issue yet, since this feature was developed specifically for the FM-Towns emulator: unz.

Merged Trurip & CustomList parsers to the UniversalParser (0.21.7)

Now the UniversalParser parses all known datfiles (No-Intro, Tosec, Trurip, MAME, Re-Dump) under a single function and thus there’s only one button for import! Trurip is actually a new parser, but CustomList has been around for a year.

And the usual

New corpdata and bugfixes.


Thanks for the FM-Towns images Nanonano!