ixbar3000 v0.19 released!

ixbar019-03The greatest emulator frontend has reached version 19! It can do more than just load emulators, we now have a new entry-editor for windows programs. I’m not a windows-user myself, but for those who are this release is a definite upgrade. There are no new youtube videos, but do check the screenshots.

Installing ixbar3000 is still painful: Install ActiveTCL, install crc32 -module, unzip ixbar3000. I tried to automate the 2nd step (crc32), but there’s no proper way to do it.

Get it : DOWNLOAD | screenshots | Forum | Tweet me!

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ixbar3000 v0.16.0 is out!

Countless nights of programming and designing have yielded some result, the latest and greatest version of ixbar3000 (0.16) is finally released. It comes with several new features, a lot of them are the type you won’t see anywhere else! Lots of new graphics , and improvements in usability. Not to mention the usual bugfixes ;).

Get it : DOWNLOAD  |  See it in Action  |  See screenshots  | Converse at the Forum

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