Godot Project : TPAC

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I cant recall why it’s called TPAC (the P was for planet iirc). This one I made with godot2d, it gets a heightmap and generates a map based on the values in it. Since the data contains height data I added adjustable water level. There is only one png in the above tiles, but the colour is modified based on the location (x,y,z) and sealevel.


  • The function to adjust sealevel was a bit slow, the slowdown was noticable on bigger maps. It had to re calculate every tile and the new values that came with it.
  • Enemy AI. To make even simple AI for TBS is tricky as it’s hard to make it good.


On hold (indefinitely) – The scope of the project is too big. Perhaps if I ever make a small, but functional AI that would perform well enough, I could continue this.