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Emulator Frontend. Evolution of ixbar3000.



  • Linux x64
  • Windows x64


  • TODO


  1. Download the archive for your OS.
  2. Extract it.
  3. Run.


NOTE: ixbar3000GT v0.3 doesn’t supply 7zip and is depenent on it therefore:

  • windows: it expects the user to set the path to the executable.
  • linux: it expects that 7z is installed in the OS.


ixbar3000GT searches the directories under the set path and matches by system and name ($system/title/$name). For example to get images to show on OpenTTD running on Windows You’ll need to have the following files:


There are also premade archives called imagepacks that have plenty of images that match the most common naming conventions.

Migrating from ixbar3000:

  • Imagepacks: For the images ixbar3000GT uses the same format, however some platform names are different so those need to be changed.
  • Databases. Just copy the databases from your old ixb to the new GT under the user-directory (shown under the about tab). Place the old db’s next to the other db’s.


ixbar3000GT has two modes (or themes). Classic, based on ixbar3000 and Padi, more streamlined version made to be used with a pad-controller.


The Main View.

  • Left-side: Platform selector (SL). Selecting a platform here updates the RL.
  • Center: List of items of the selected platform (RL).
  • Right-side: images, rating and metadata.
  • Bottom-panel-left: Omni, History, SL-type, Toggle Left & Right panels, Toggle Fullscreen.
    • Omni: Merges all of the above platforms into one RL.
    • History: RL shows recently played.
  • Bottom-panel-center: Search RL, or toggle preset search by ratings.
  • Bottom-panel-right: Start Button


The Engine-room.

  • Right: List of all supported platforms.
  • Left: Filters to limit the list size, presets to activate specific systems and cache-tools.
  • Center: Purely decorative panel, displaying the current selection.
  • Bottom: System Setup
    • Enabled: Is the system visible on the Library View?
    • Emulator: path to executable, Start simply open the set exec.
    • Parameters: Additional parameters sent to the exec when starting it from the Library. (fullscreen, filters)
    • ROM Directory: Path to the ROMs.
      • Set Directory & Update.
      • Update. If new additions are put to the dir, or something is taken out use this.
      • Network Drive & Update. only on windows (samba-share).
    • Drop Tables: Admin-tool to drop all databases from the selected system.


This combines settings and about.


Here you’ll get prints from the operations that the sofware does, should help finding out if something doesn’t work.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • F1: Change tab to ‘Library’
  • F2: Change tab to ‘Database’
  • F3: Change tab to ‘About’
  • F4: Change tab to ‘Console’
  • F11: Toggle Fullscreen.
  • Ctrl+e: Edit selected RL-entry.

Theme / Padi

OK / Cancel, moves the screen thus:
Info -> SL -> RL -> Start Selection

  • Left or Up: Moves Selection Left.
  • Right or Down: Moves Selection Right.
    • RL Only:
    • Shoulder Buttons L1: Move Selection 10 Left.
    • Shoulder Buttons L2: Move Selection 100 Left.
    • Shoulder Buttons R1: Move Selection 10 Right.
    • Shoulder Buttons R2: Move Selection 100 Right.
  • OK: Proceed to next screen.
  • Cancel: Back to previous screen.
  • Select: Info Only: Toggles commands to change theme and quit program.

Screen / Select System (SL):

Screen / Select Entry (RL):


Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)mednafenmednafen
-> Famicom Disk System (NFDS)Ares*
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)mednafenmednafen
-> SatellaView (SNES-SV)mednafenmednafen
-> SufamiTurbo (SNES-ST)mednafenmednafen
Nintendo 64 (N64)
Nintendo Gamecube (NGC)Dolphin
Nintendo Wii (Wii)Dolphin
Nintendo Wii U (WiiU)Cemu
Nintendo Switch (NSW)Yuzu
Sega SG-1000mednafenmednafen
Sega Master System (SMS)mednafenmednafen
Sega Mega Drive / Genesis (SMD)mednafenmednafen
-> 32X (S32X)Kega Fusion
-> Mega CD (MegaCD)Kega Fusion
Sega Saturn (SS)mednafen
Sega Dreamcast (DC)redream
NEC PC-Engine (PCE)mednafenmednafen
NEC PC-Engine CD (PCECD)mednafenmednafen
NEC PC-FX (PCFX)mednafenmednafen
NEC SuperGrafx (NECSG)mednafenmednafen
Sony Playstation (PSX)mednafen*mednafen*
Sony Playstation 2 (PS2)PCSX2*
Sony Playstation 3 (PS3)RPCX3
Microsoft Xbox (XBOX)Xemu
Microsoft Xbox 360 (XB360)Xenia
Atari Jaguar (Jaguar)BigPEmu
Nintendo Gameboy (GB)mednafenmednafen
Nintendo Gameboy Color (GBC)mednafenmednafen
Nintendo Virtualboy (VB)mednafenmednafen
Nintendo Gameboy Advance (GBA)mednafenmednafen
Nintendo DS (NDS)desmume
Nintendo 3DS (N3DS)Citra
Sega Game Gear (SGG)mednafenmednafen
Neo-Geo Pocket (NGP)mednafenmednafen
Neo-Geo Pocket Color (NGPC)mednafenmednafen
Wonder Swan (WS)mednafenmednafen
Wonder Swan Color (WSC)mednafenmednafen
Sony Playstation Portable (PSP)PPSSPP
(project: exodos) [^1]
IBM PC / Windows 3.x
(project: winexo)
(project: neokobe)
(project: neokobe)
(project: neokobe)
Sharp X1
(project: neokobe)
Sharp X68000
(project: neokobe)
XM6 Pro-68
Commodore 64
(project: gb64)
Commodore Amiga
(project: gbAmiga)
Microsoft MSX (MSX)OpenMSX
Microsoft MSX2 (MSX2)OpenMSX

* Requires BIOS
^1 – ixbar3000GT uses the codebase from ixbar3000, which was made to support exodos v2. The latest exodos is version 6 and as such loading will fail if 1: the entry is new or 2: there were updates to the metadata since v2.


  • 2024.01.23 Version 0.3 in closed beta.

Missing/Upcoming Features:

There were some advanced features on ixbar3k that I might port to ixbar3kGT.

  • Audio-player.
  • Trophy-support.
  • Multiplayer Lobby, Start Server & Join Server (mednafen).
  • RL population based on datfiles.
  • Video-player. (GT could have it embedded!)